Encouragement December 23 2015

God sees you right where you are. He sees your troubles and your heartache and Jesus is ready to help you through all of your difficulties. As the disciples were rowing intensely against the wind trying to stay on course they had no idea that Jesus saw them and He was on His way to join them in their pursuit…get this… not to fight the wind but to get to the other side (Matthew 14:22-27). Fighting the wind came up as they were on their journey to get to the other side but their journey was not to get in the boat and go fight the wind, their journey was to get into the boat and go to the other side. But on their way to other side they encountered the wind and had to deal with a temporary interruption that threatened to capsize their mission to the other side.

As you encounter difficulties remember that your assignment is not to fight the wind in the middle of the ocean, but rather stay on course and pursue the purpose that God has given you. As a Christian you have the luxury of inviting God into your life to help you handle the difficult storms in life. Invite God into your life and ask Him to help you deal with all of your difficulties.

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